About Us

Bonjour! ,

Thank you for giving us a chance to tell you a little bit about us.

Bonjour Texas! or Hello, Texas! is a European deli with Texan flare!

Bonjour Texas is inspired by the numerous delis & restaurants my family and I enjoyed during my childhood years in France and Europe - Germany, Spain, Italy et al. After moving to Texas, we collaborated with European Chefs and our Texan friends to develop a menu that is tasty, healthy and just a little unexpected. This was the birth of Bonjour Texas!

After creating our menu, we focused on our ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully selected, based on taste and flavor profile. We are always looking for premium quality products to use in our deli!

For example, our artisan baguettes and breads are brought in fresh, from a local bakery. We proudly feature all natural breads that are preservative and egg free. Our preservative free meats are freshly sliced, every morning. Bonjour Texas features Riserva prosciutto, imported bacon, oven roasted chicken & hickory smoked turkey. We use cheeses imported from Europe, such as Gryuere (imported from France) & Swiss (imported from Switzerland), naturally smoked Gouda, goat cheese and American cheese.

Our mouthwatering dressings are made in-house, daily; using the freshest and finest ingredients ranging from French imported Dijon mustard to Texan grown fresh herbs.

Sandwiches are topped with butter lettuce, tomatoes & cornichons (French pickles.)

The salads are inspired from Paris, Italy & Spain. They range from the vitalizing power salad to the finger licking "La Champagne!" Our house made croutons are the perfect topping on any salad!

The sandwiches and salads are served in compostable, unbleached plant fiber boxes.

Our aim is to provide a sandwich or salad for every palate - from the breadless for the weight conscious, the vegetarian for the vegans, to the filling meat sandwiches - grilled or toasted on breads and baguettes made locally without eggs, preservatives or chemicals. We even offer gluten-free options! Should you feel the need to be creative, we offer create your own sandwich and salad option!

So come enjoy a sandwich or a salad with your beloved, family or friend under the tree-covered courtyard or in the inviting ambience inside the deli. Grab a sandwich before tubing on the nearby Guadalupe or shopping for curious in the historic Gruene!

We are open Monday through Saturday 11 am to 8 pm.

On behalf of my whole family and I, thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you at Bonjour Texas!

May every day be a good day in Texas. Bonjour Texas!

Merci! Gracias! Thank you! Danke! Grazie!

Rashmi & family