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  • I met the owner, Rashmi, at a networking breakfast and decided I had to give her shop a try. It was a slow afternoon and I was there around 1pm, so not only was I served a delicious sandwich, but I also got to chat a bit with Rashmi and her mother.

    The first thing I noticed was how clean the place was. I mean orderly, nothing out of place, and sparkling clean. It looked like I had walked onto a movie set. Not that it smelled of bleach or anything, but I am sure I could have eaten off the floors. You clean freaks will adore that about Bonjour Texas.

    I ordered a panini with chicken and smoked gouda and a piquante sauce, and the flavors were just perfectly balanced. One of the more delicious sandwiches I had ever eaten. I think it was the quality of the gouda .... not like what you can pick up at HEB. Smokier and just delicious, and the sourdough bread was buttery but not to the point of being greasy. Just perfect.

    I understand Bonjour Texas is about to roll out gelato. I think they will be the first in town with real Italian gelato.

    Wish this place all the success in the world. It is worth going out of your way to have lunch there.